4/13 in Yankee History

1998: A steel joint weighing several hundred pounds falls through a
roof panel at Yankee Stadium‚ destroying a seat located between third base and home plate. Luckily‚ the Yankees are scheduled to play a night
game‚ and no fans are in the stadium at the time. Emergency inspections
are scheduled‚ and the game against the Angels is canceled. The final
game of the series will be played at Shea Stadium‚ while next week’s
series against the Tigers is switched to Detroit.


1992: The Yankees (5-0) and Blue Jays (6-0)‚ meet‚ marking only the 3rd
time this century that 2 unbeaten teams had met so late in the season.
The Yanks win by a score of 5-2.


1988: Melissa ‘Phantom’ Gaisser, stalwart Yankee fan, mainstay of the 161st-and-river.com Gameday threads and all-around good egg, is born. Happy birthday, Melissa! :->


1978: The Yankees defeat the White Sox 4-2 in their home opener on
‘Reggie!’ Candy Bar Day. Jackson connects for a 3-run homer in the
first inning‚ and the field is showered with candy bars which were
given out free to the fans at the game.



1955: In their home opener‚ the Yanks rout the Senators 19-1. Winner
Whitey Ford gets 3 hits and only allows 2‚ as he knocks in 4 runs.
Mickey Mantle and Bob Cerv also drive home 4 runs.


Mantle‚ Yogi Berra‚
and Bill Skowron crack homers‚ while Cerv and Andy Carey add triples.
Mickey McDermott‚ in 3+ innings of work‚ is the loser‚ as the Yanks
register the biggest margin of victory in an opener in MLB history. The
most runs in an opener were notched by the Indians in a 21-14 win over the Browns in


1954: In the presidential opener in Washington‚ President Dwight D.
Eisenhower is thrilled by Mickey Vernon’s 10th inning 2-run game-ending
homer off Allie Reynolds which beats the Yankees 5-3. Ike skipped last
year’s opener‚ which was rained out‚ and the political hue and cry was
so great he made sure he tossed out the first ball today


Chuck Stobbs
and Whitey Ford start the game‚ but the winning Nats pitcher is
reliever Sonny Dixon. Hank Bauer‚ with two singles‚ drives in all three
Yankee runs



1941: In the final pre-season tune-up game with Brooklyn‚ the Yankees
win their third in a row at Ebbets Field‚ 3-0‚ on Sunday afternoon. The
Dodgers had come into the series with an 11-game winning streak‚
including 4 with the Yanks on the way North.


1933: Delayed a day because of a spring storm‚ the Yankees open against
the Red Sox in front of 36‚221 at the Stadium. Lou Gehrig jump-starts
the offense with a three-run homer in the first‚ off former Yank Ivy
Andrews‚ and the New Yorkers score one more in the 4th to win‚ 4-3.
Lefty Gomez is the winner‚ but as in last year’s opener‚ he needs help
getting the last out.



1928: At Philadelphia‚ the Yankees edge the Athletics‚ 8-7‚ on a double
by Babe Ruth. Lou Gehrig hits a long drive off Eddie Rommel that goes
through an open window on 20th Street. Cy Moore allows just 2 hits
through 5 innings for New York before weakening‚ but picks up the win.
Joe Hauser‚ returning to the A’s after a year in the minors‚ collects
two homers and a triple.



1926: At a frigid Fenway Park‚ the hitting is hot as the Yankees and
Red Sox combine for 29 hits in the Opener. The Yankees score 4 runs in
the 1st inning off Howard Ehmke‚ the first of six Boston hurlers. Rudy
Sommers‚ making his first ML appearance in 12 years‚ takes over for
Ehmke in the 5th. He gives up 3 runs on doubles by Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth‚ and
New York stretch their lead to 11-1. A 5-run Boston outburst in the 6th
sends New York starter Bob Shawkey to the showers‚ but New York hang on
to beat the Red Sox‚ 12-11. Ruth and Joe Dugan have three hits apiece
for New York‚ while Ira Flagstead has 4 hits for Boston. Ehmke is the
loser for Boston



1921: In the season opener for the Yankees‚ warm weather and Babe Ruth
contribute to 37‚000 fans crowding the Polo Grounds. After New York
mayor John Hylan tosses out the first ball‚ the Yankees tear into the
A’s‚ beating them 11-1 as every New Yorker scores at least a run. The
Yanks lead is only 2-1 into the bottom of the 7th‚ but then they unload
against Scott Perry. Bob Hasty gives up the last 6 New York runs. Ruth
is 5-for-5‚ with two doubles‚ and Carl Mays collects as many hits -3-
as he allows. He has now won 11 straight over the A’s.


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