5/03 in Yankee History

The red-letter day:

1936: Playing in left field,  Joe DiMaggio makes his regular-season debut with the Yankees and has 3 hits‚ one a triple‚ as New York routs St. Louis 14-5 at the Stadium. Joe scores 3 runs and knocks in one. Lou Gehrig and Ben Chapman collect 4 hits each and Gehrig scores 5 runs. New York will win 5 of their next 6 games with DiMag in the lineup. To make room‚ the Yankees waive outfielder Dixie Walker‚ who is hitting .350‚ to the White Sox.



On other 3rds of May…

2000: The Major League Baseball Players Association again denies several
major-leaguers, including Shane Spencer of the Yankees, admission to the union. The players crossed picket lines
during the 1994-95 strike becoming replacement players. These players
don’t pay union dues‚ receive full pension benefits‚ and can to use the
Association’s grievance procedure. However‚ they do not receive a share
of royalties from the sale of baseball merchandise.


1990: Yankee rookie Mike Blowers, handed the starting job at third base, ties an AL record by committing 4 errors at the hot corner in the struggling Bombers’ 10-5 loss to the Indians.



1986: Don Mattingly ties the ML record with 3 sacrifice flies in the Yankees’ 9-4 win over the Rangers.



1965: The Yankees trade John Blanchard (.147) and pitcher Roland Sheldon to Kansas City for C John Edwards. Edwards will replace the injured Elston Howard.


1956: Before 4‚308 at the Stadium‚ Mickey Mantle homers for the third day in a row‚
but Kansas City hold on to win‚ 8-7. The Mick’s homer in the 5th is
followed by blasts from Hank Bauer and Yogi Berra.


1952: The Yankees send promising reserve outfielder Jackie Jensen‚ along with outfielder Archie Wilson‚ pitcher Spec Shea‚ and shortstop Jerry Snyder to the Senators for slick-fielding outfielder Irv Noren and infielder Tommie Upton. Shea will have two fine seasons on the hill before going over it‚ while Jensen‚ the former heir to DiMaggio’s spot‚ will eventually emerge as a star with the Red Sox. Noren will have his best year in 1954‚ when the left fielder will be an all-star.

Irv Noren.jpg

1951: In St. Louis‚ Gil McDougald hits a grand slam and a triple in the 9th‚ as the Yanks score 11 runs in the inning to rout St. Louis‚ 17-3. McDougald‚ destined to be Rookie of the Year‚ racks up 6 RBIs in the frame. Jackie Jensen follows McDougald’s triple with one of his own‚ then homers after Gil’s GS. Allie Reynolds is the winner


1950: Yankee hurler Vic Raschi‚
troubled by the new rule that requires a one-second stop before
delivery with men on base‚ balks 4 times in one game‚ a club record and
2 fewer than the single-season record. Nevertheless‚ he wins‚ 4-3‚ over
the White Sox. He’ll finish the season with 6 balks to tie the
since-topped AL mark.


1915: Yankee pitcher Ray Fisher steals home in the 4th inning as New York double up the A’s  8-4.

        Ray Fisher

1907: In the ‘How times have changed…’ department: The dilatory tactics of the Highlanders’ Judd Doyle‚ whose well-earned
nickname is “Slow Joe‚” lengthens a 10-inning game with the Athletics
into the first modern major league game running over 3 hours (3 hours‚ 7 minutes to be precise) New York win‚ 4-3.

                                    Slow Joe Doyle



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