Signing off for the winter

     With the arrival of the 4th of November, we reached the latest date on which the Yankees have ever played a game. For me, Yankee history has always been primarily a matter of what goes on between the foul lines; anything that happens off the field – trades, birthdays and deaths, etc. – appears on my radar only if the occurrence is on a day when the Yankees still have games to play. I’m sure that off-season moves have their historical importance as well, and deserve to be studied, but I choose to leave them to others.

     I don’t have a hit counter, so I have no idea how many people visited my blog this year, and since I can literally count the number of comments on the fingers of one hand, I’ve no idea what said visitors thought. I hope that someone got something useful out of my work, and drew added inspiration from it during good times, and consolation in the reminder that the team had been there before in bad. 


     Thanks for reading this year, then, and I hope to see you again when Mission 28 resumes.

     Have a good winter,

     best regards,



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