3/15 & 3/16 in Yankee History


On the 15th of March over the years…

1979: Current Yankee third baseman Kevin Youkilis is born. Happy birthday, Youk, and good luck this year!




1960: ’80s Yankee fan favorite Mike Pagliarulo is born. Happy 52nd, Pags!



1946: Bobby Bonds in born. Although his one year in with the Yankees is perhaps remembered more for the players involved in the trades that brought him to New York and sent him away (to the Yanks from the Giants for Bobby Murcer, and to California for Mickey Rivers and Ed Figueroa), he put up 30/30 (32 home runs, 30 steals) in 1975 for the Bombers.



1926: At St. Petersburg‚ the Braves beat the Yankees 6-2 for their third win in a row over the Miller Huggins crew.  After Tony Lazzeri protests a called third strike in the 6th‚ he is tossed‚ along with his manager and the entire Bomber bench.


1919: The third long-time Yankee named Ray in less than a month is sold off as Ray Fisher is shipped to the Reds. Rays Keating and Caldwell were flogged off in February.


on the 16th

1981: Curtis Granderson is born. Happy 31st to our man in center field!



1932: Babe Ruth signs a one-year contract for $75,000.


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